DO something. Get Involved, Volunteer & Meet

I’ve realized now the most fulfilling and effective way of getting involved is to commit to something local, the longer the better, but always keep your eyes open for new events / groups and try something different once in a while.

… there is ALWAYS something to do, you’re in London!

Local Environmental Groups: From the Western Riverside Waste Authority website- they suggest :

-Friends of the Earth Wandsworth : -They hold meetings every third Wednesday of the month.

-Find your local Greenpeace group : Here’s the SW London Greenpeace Group

Transition Town Movement – local residents who want to think about the future and how we can meet the challenges of Peak Oil, Climate Change and Economic Shocks and how they will effects the way we live, work, and organise our society. (Read more about Transition Towns here)

-TT Wandsworth: – they meet 12:30-2pm on Sundays at Bramford Community Garden but remember to email them before going to make sure someone is there to show you around. Check out their renewable energy group

-TT Tooting: – They meet 11am-1pm on Sundays at Tooting Community Garden. Contact them via their website if you would like to get involved! There are always projects to get involved in- outdoor education, composting schemes, carbon conversations… and if you have a good idea, put it forward and wait for others with similar energy to gather around it and create something amazing through action.

PROJECT DIRT (link here) – the UK’s most active network connecting and resourcing environmental and community projects. Sign up & subscribe to their newsletter to know about everything green that’s going on in London. So, what’s going on in Wandsworth?

-The Wandsworth Cluster (  – This page brings together community action taking place across the borough. Created with the kind support of Wandsworth Council’s Eco Fund.

-Wandsworth Environment Forum ( – “a voluntary ‘umbrella’ group of individuals and representatives of organisations local to Wandsworth, which works to enable its members to act in the borough’s environmental decision-making processes”

-Balham Composters ( – working to encourage people in Balham and Tooting to compost more, more often.

This list is most likely missing many grass-root initiatives and groups, but from here you can find what interests you and do your own research!

This is what Wandsworth Council has to say about sustainability and here is their Green Blog . Also, if you have a “green idea” (a composting scheme maybe?) the Wandsworth Grant Fund could help.

In London, three of the many…

Groundwork London Charity – ( – “provide training and create jobs, reduce energy use and waste, re-connect people with nature and transform whole neighbourhoods”. You can email them, tell them what you’re interested in doing, where you’re based, and they put you in contact with whoever is running the right project for you.

London Sustainability Exchange Charity – ( “LSx aims to accelerate the transition to a sustainable London by connecting and motivating people. We work in partnership with business, government and the voluntary sector to: Reduce London’s environmental footprint, Improve the lives of London’s disadvantaged communities, Improve the health of Londoners, Improve the knowledge and skills of our communities to achieve these goals”.

Restart – ( – “The Restart Project is a London-based social enterprise that encourages and empowers people to use their electronics longer, by sharing repair and maintenance skills”. They do workshops around London, keep your eyes open for the next one!


If you want to get outside, do some gardening, plant some crops… but prefer to do so alone (I know I do some days). Maybe you are on an alotment waiting list and you still have 3-7 years more to wait (So am I, so am I…). There is a great initiative called Lend and Tend that connects people with unused green spaces with people who would love to have a garden. Find a neighbour near you who is happy to share their space and resources, Lend and Tend website


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