First step towards a zero-waste lifestyle…

WHAT IS zero-waste and WHY is it important?

Through this blog, my main focus is to just share information I collect about where/what to buy/make/share in order to create some positive change locally, to *hopefully* inspire others to also reduce their waste, support the local economy and reduce the harm we are doing to the environment- all together making us into happier, healthier people.

I’ve chosen to focus on the borough of Wandsworth as this is what I would consider “local” for me- I live in Putney- and also because the council provides certain services that are relevant, such as waste management and recycling services. If any change towards a more sustainable borough are to occur, it has to happen on all level- all the way starting at the bottom through individual change, grassroots initiatives up to the council and government decisions and policies).

Important links: “Our mission is to empower communities to rethink their relationship with resources. We advocate for zero waste strategies in Europe and beyond, and support local groups who have the potential to drive change in their region”.

Zero waste Week: “Zero Waste Week is the annual awareness campaign for reducing landfill. Helping you save money and preserve resources since 2008.”

Zero-waste has become a global movement. Here are some blogs by inspiring people and websites that are really worth a scroll-through:

Activist Rob Greenfield… .

I recommend nerding up on the Transition Town movement that kicked off in the UK. Here are two documentaries and a TED talk that are worth your time:


No more of this, please!!! –

If you still have time, here is a satirical article that made me chuckle: Modern tribes – The zero-waste warrior  .


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